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2024 Digital Planner | Year-End 2023 Special Edition

2024 Digital Planner | Year-End 2023 Special Edition

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Hello! This planner is designed to make your life easier! Don't wait for 2024, get ready for the new year with a version that covers the end of 2023 and all of 2024. This Monday Started 2024 Digital Planner covers Nov-Dec 2023 and Jan-Dec 2024 dates. All pages are linked with hyperlinks, allowing you to easily access the pages you need. Our design is focused on simplicity, stripped of unnecessary details. Our goal is to help you plan more easily and effectively without losing focus.

The 2024 Digital Planner caters to those seeking an iPad Planner or an Android Planner. Take effective notes with integrated Digital Notebook features and notebook templates. Enhance your notes using Goodnotes Stickers for added aesthetics. In addition to daily and monthly To Do Lists, this planner includes 12 special templates usable as Goodnotes Templates.

➔ 2024 Digital Planner (Jan-Dec) + Include 2023 Year End (Nov-Dec)
➔ 12 Integrated Notebook Chapters
➔ 12 Notepaper Templates
➔ 27 Life-Easier Trackers / Tools
➔ 20 Integrated & Hyperlinked Planner Covers
➔ 124 Everyday Stickers Set

➔ Portrait
➔ Pastel Colors
➔ Monday Start Editions

LIFE EASIER TOOLS - 9 Tools / Trackers
➔ Password Manager
➔ Address Book
➔ Birthday Tracker
➔ Travel Checklist
➔ Shopping Organizer
➔ Recipe Notes
➔ Grocery List
➔ Culinary Inspiration
➔ Cooking Calendar

WELLNESS TOOLS - 9 Tools / Trackers
➔ Mood Monitor
➔ Habit Tracker
➔ Hydration Tracker
➔ Pain / Symptom Tracker
➔ Medical Appointments
➔ Vitamins & Medication
➔ Menstrual Tracker
➔ Dream Journal
➔ BMI Tracker

PRODUCTIVITY TOOLS - 9 Tools / Trackers
➔ Task Manager
➔ Task Priority Organizer
➔ Time Tracker
➔ Progress Tracker
➔ Eisenhower Quadrant
➔ Ivy Lee Performance
➔ Future Visions
➔ Pomodoro Focus
➔ Meeting Notes

Blank | Dash Lined | Lined | Bottom Lined | Small Dotted | Regular Dotted | Grid | Check List | Check List V2 | Pictures & Notes | Cornell Grid | Weekly Grid

➔ It works Apple, Android, and Windows devices. It can be used in harmony with iPads, tablets (excluding Kindle Fire), desktop computers (both Windows and Apple), and laptops.
➔ Our intricately designed multifunctional digital planner works in perfect harmony with top-notch PDF annotation applications such as Goodnotes, Notability, Samsung Notes, Collanotes, Xodo, and similar ones.

Please remember that this product is NOT DESIGNED FOR USE WITH OneNote. Additionally, while it's optimized for iPads, tablets (excluding Kindle Fire), and desktop/laptop computers, its functionality on mobile phones is limited. However, it can still be used as a quick reference tool on the go.

This product is entirely digital, and its physical items will not be shipped. Furthermore, this product is NOT SUITABLE for PRINTING. This planner is NOT COMPATIBLE with OneNote and Kindles.

Upon successful payment, you can immediately access and download your files. 

This Digital Planner, including all its design, content, and materials, is protected by copyright laws and international treaties. Unauthorized reproduction, distribution, or modification of any portion of this product is strictly prohibited.

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