About Me

Hello, I’m Evren, the creator behind Plans And Notes. With over 20 years in the textile industry as a graphic designer and illustrator, I've now embarked on the journey of freelancing. Balancing the demands of work and home life has been a dynamic challenge that has shaped my path—from traditional note-taking methods to the creation of simple, practical planners.

Imagine the intricacies of design work intertwined with the day-to-day tasks of life, all within the same space. It was here that I discovered the power of effective yet non-intrusive planning—a true game-changer. This realization became the driving force behind Plans And Notes—an endeavor aimed at simplifying life's chaos by crafting straightforward, practical, and elegant planners.

Embracing planners revolutionized the way I approached life, bringing order amidst chaos. Presently, I'm dedicated to honing my craft, juggling German language studies and managing various projects. My design philosophy revolves around simplicity, elegance, and functionality, striving to make planning effortless and enjoyable for everyone.

I hope that my journey and the products I create resonate with you, shedding light on the path towards a more organized life. Feel free to connect via the messaging form or find me on Instagram and ETSY for further exploration.

Together, let's create a more organized and delightful life!

Warm regards,